Joys of Kin EP

by Esbern Snare

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As a follow up to our debut album 'A Violent Peace', we hoped to create a more bare-bones experience of our music with songs in their most original and true form. To do so, we sat down in a small room with producer and artist Jake Hull, set up a few microphones, and captured the following: a live, one night recording of new material from Luke Jones of Esbern Snare.


released April 25, 2016

Artwork design by Alec Mangum
Recordings captured live by Jake Hull
Mixing and mastering by Jake Hull
All original songs by Esbern Snare



all rights reserved


Esbern Snare Norfolk, Virginia

We’re Esbern Snare, a six-piece from Norfolk. We independently released our first album "A Violent Peace" on March 28th of 2014, and are so honored we get to share it with you. Thank you so much for listening and for your continued support of what we love to do. ... more

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Track Name: Joys of Kin
That train, the hounds, your core—
what bellows out trying to figure out what's before?
With your head against the glass
Do you ever tend to wander out, and be gone?

Come now, the joys of kin
as the warmest sound ever heard in your lasting years
For in my family's glow
I will not be ashamed of us

I've not let go of us,
they found a way to burn through the nerve until we've never had
and they've come to speak in tones, like I have faced the facts,
when anymore I
I still wonder how it will work itself out where we're fine
and the headlights will turn through the snow in the blinds

The light shoots through the marks
like a million stars splintered out with a flash and flurr
To the specks of distant worlds
such a smallness,
life existing now
on the glass, you watch

But I've not let go of us,
they found a way to burn through the nerve until we've never had
and they've come to speak in tones, like I have faced the facts
when anymore I
I still wonder how it will work itself out where we're fine
and the headlights will turn through the snow in the blinds

You came through my room, yet you were withdrawn
How's your hope?
Do the lights lie unstrung
because it just seems wrong to ever be fine?
When the man you returned is the boy you refined

And all the days that crept into your smile
withhold from you the severance of time
And rid the town of every vacant sight
to be alone with you one more mile
Track Name: Orpheus
You were some course that offered me miles
a friend in my trials.
And her, what she stirred, well it hurts if worthwhile
What if I stayed 'til old and I'm swollen in my veins?
Where you could trace the man I've been, who wore you thin.

I love you, the girl of my youth
Don't you wonder how

And the mornings that broke you down, you search for the boy you seldomly found.
If your arms could just pull him out, he wants you still
yeah I always will

I'll miss your soul, the moment it goes, but i should have known
just how much I've kept from those I know best
How selfish my crown

Out in their lores for hours, I've had my fill
I took the worms for cowards, but how they kill
I look forward to life as the father of kids
Have you reserved my heart for this?
Could you show me how?

Have I told you my honest doubts?
Well I'm still not sure I'll ever dry out
Because you'll be hard to do without
I'll want, but still, what is there until?

I'll miss your soul, the moment it goes, and slips through these folds
But how long will death take to make sense?
When none can be found.
Track Name: Shiftings
Watch for despair has followed you out so fast upon your heels
Your staggering work to grip the earth has left you struck to every nerve
And you returned for whom the strangeness lurks and is a commonness
Said "Come on down, the wind blows heavy now and you are overrun."

The strength of a woman to walk this yard, when at the door you can't explain
how something's changed, the walls awake with shiftings of a wandering ghost
And the billows rose, in asking where you'll go now should it all remain?
For what has begun
nothing's won
but you can learn to cope this way

And now your stretch yearns to find the breadth of relief
that anyone can just leave and be gone
A solemn mender, the final hold of release
and when it's gone I will need it again

I wish for dreams, the glow of lights at sea I wish too many things
But I will bring that coast what's left of me, and I will dream

Darling, relent your restless arms, come along just leave his room
He is strong, his mother's strong, nothing's wrong, the morning's
soon he'll be home, he's on his own, he is grown, just let him loose
He is strong, his mother's strong, nothing's wrong, he's just like
you bent to heave a clambering heart, rattled son, you have been harmed
But you're strong, your child's strong, it is wrong, but carry
through everything your every part felt much more of hurt before
any car the metals tore, you were gone, you have been wronged

Careless the ropes that wore to bone
Calloused my hands that never learned how to let go
Careless to kill the stars, a son
Calloused my will to never forgive what was done
If I could start to be someone
be rid of tries to ever become anyone
While any fervence takes its time
I don't touch mine, it seems less alive when you hold
Track Name: No Measures
You look to the storm with a shuddering, back from farther days
that you might have been through and yet you lose the path which you came from
And the obvious part you've learned, is she will never fold
for your worst has shown
But you bore your mistakes with another
that you offered to always find
You always tried

It comes from the north as a hollowing
the chimes that shook you first
The times when the coffee takes so long to ever be raised
to the muscles beneath your face
They left you old somehow
like the kids who had pulled your sleeves and wore you down
as they led you unmade
But you look farther out, to the holds of a state
And I could not get over it

Have I offered an honest life?
I always tried

Somehow all worth comes passing by before you rush outside
to say "Once I'd known it, even owned, yet chased for my whole life"
And every ounce was you
So get up
Just get up! I can hear the bells stop—and bonds forgot
No measures must you ever take to find me here, still under the arbor
Well you're such a precious sight