A Violent Peace

by Esbern Snare

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released March 28, 2014

All songs written, arranged, and performed by Esbern Snare
Produced by Jonathan Anderson and Esbern Snare
Recorded and Mixed by Jonathan Anderson at Whalehead Records
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio
Artwork by Jonathan Aumen
Design by Jonathan Hildebrand and Esbern Snare
Photography by Ashley Fielden
Esbern Snare typography by Alec Mangum



all rights reserved


Esbern Snare Norfolk, Virginia

We’re Esbern Snare, a six-piece from Norfolk. We independently released our first album "A Violent Peace" on March 28th of 2014, and are so honored we get to share it with you. Thank you so much for listening and for your continued support of what we love to do. ... more

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Track Name: The Great Drowner
Friend, have you gone? Are you now displeased? Far underneath there were shadows with me. Patch it up for my mind always bleeds the walls of frames and faces, always in streams. And you ran down the lawn to where I fell. What hand un-dealt? What grace that can be felt. Something so dear, somehow holds on so strong. I spent so long just drying out up here. I was never once for change, nor it for me and yet it came. A thousand miles of wind and rain, and as I drowned the waters sang, "All hail, all hail, The Great Drowner of them all will fail. What man can tell? For the number of his days are veiled." And the sleeping lake, said "I've never learned to wake, for my life you sank; what I've loved you have erased." Oh, life, you've changed. Love, take me home. Life so young.
Track Name: Anchorage
Taken to the east when I was young. Carved by the mountains, we filled our lungs. But it's hard to breathe deeply when it's all so close and it's all that you've known. You've lost all control, now let’s see where you go. Tell me, ocean, where do I come from? Because your other side has kept me for so long. And it's hard to be far from the places you've grown, but this place it was home. You've lost all control to the sails of your boat. I know it's not mine, but I'm reaching for time. This sea's always changing, let’s anchor our aging. Oh, God, it's too soon, when I settle you move. I'm scared with each year, I'll forget what was here. If homesickness hurts, then I'm aching like hell.
Track Name: War When You Wake
Child, how you strain and your words they don't sound the same. It's a silent cage, locked in silent ways. With all your thoughts worn, what could be said plain of the world in your brain? For the world it is strange. You're slipping out the door, but you'll crawl back when you fall poor. May your feet find a place for your mind, a place for your kind. Child, they're away with their old friend decay, with a thief who is never late. They don't know restraint. And with your tears comes a war when you wake with a violent ache, for it's all you can take. A cloth a branch has worn, but you'll hold on as you are torn. May the trees find a place for your mind, a place for your kind.
Track Name: The Rains
Oh the rains would erase my name, oh, my Lord, have I gone too far? I've built an empire for myself, all the wealth of need found in gain. Day subsides, all our cares untied in their rooms and under their sheets. But when you rise, will you wear your pride with the blood of what you don't need? Blind decay, how we choose to stay, every sense so quickly misplaced. In shade of walls I have watched love hang as the ropes will carry the blame. So dig your holes for their swords and spears, but it's the minds of man that I fear. Slaves of none, what our wills have done will be seen when all come unclean.
Track Name: Troglodyte
And the pain in your eyes is unspoken, all the words put under the shade. Still a light you will be for another if you'd only learn how to wait. Troglodyte, is that you in the open? Have you come to settle down? Still today there are words for tomorrow and a light to bring you home. How you've drifted away to a cold house enough to bear your thoughts, to hold your words til the end of the day. A table for us, set so plain, to relieve your weight, then you go on your way. And you stand in the fields with your Father, and you ask, “How could this be real? There were days when it seemed you were nowhere. Have I lost all sense of feel?” Troglodyte, is that you in the open? Have you come to settle down? Still today there are words for tomorrow and a light to bring you home.
Track Name: Inside Your Coat
Swept aside, an ash of my own flame. I tried to run, oh I tried to hide. I cried, "Heal my eyes, for a fire burns that should have no fuel!" Oh, God, be here. (Oh, my love, no I was never strong in this) Hem me in, inside your coat my love so I can be close to you. Just take me out when this world must be seen and pain be felt. You say, "See my motives, see my heart, see this love it had no start." Just a smell can take me there, to all the places you felt near. The warmth in the night, and all the drives, these questions flooded my heart. Where is the one you keep for me? Will they see past my own sin?
Track Name: You've Changed
We set out for lights of a thousand boats, sunk our lines. Far from sight, shores of houses hide, still waves shine. Fire floats and bursts the night. Oh, life, you've changed. Some years before was a boy on these shores. In a house among trees, in a violent peace. And our youth has traced every wall in this place, but I wake these days and I'm fearful of age so soon. You've lost all control to the sails of your boat. Now what will you choose as your anchors break loose? Oh, Father, I'll be but a wake in your breeze. An ash in your coat dug in gardens un-grown. And I'll see you soon when we finally bloom, oh crux of my bones, oh incomparable home.